Audio Line Card

Selling IP speakers since 2004, Advanced Network Devices was an early provider of PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices. Advanced Network Devices was one of the first, if not the first provider of PoE IP loudspeakers. The technology is mature and long proven, which has facilitated a low cost stable product with a rich set of features, backed up by a strong, stable, engineering-rich company.

AUDAC is a constantly innovating company with a healthy movement and growth towards the perfect audio solution adapted to the end user. They strive for innovative and good solutions for every audio obstacle.  Technology doesn’t stand still and AUDAC takes care of this with new products.  An example of this commitment should be the development of the world’s first web-based matrix that turns the audio world upside down and reinforces the vision to launch inspiring products and ensure quality forever.

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Bosch, a world leader in the design and manufacture of public address systems for every application, is proud of its track record – more than half a century old – of delivering the best in sound reinforcement and management equipment. Undoubtedly, this experience and expertise has contributed to the development of Bosch’s current approach to PA systems: advanced and modular – yet cost-effective.
For 70 years, Dynacord has designed and engineered professional audio electronics — products that offer unparalleled performance and premium quality, the perfect balance of power and precision.

Dynacord engineers have a passion for providing world-class amplification and processing. Their engineering competence is second to none in the industry — sound quality without compromise is in Dynacord’s DNA and in every circuit made. With each innovation generations of knowledge and experience are transferred, always pushing technology forward, always reinforcing customers’ trust.

Over 80 years ago Al Kahn set out to revolutionize a growing market by using new techniques in measurement and manufacture. Through the ensuing years, Electro-Voice has been home to many exciting advances in speaker technology. EV is also famous throughout the industry for high quality and robust microphones as used in studios, on stage, TV and broadcasting. EV amplifier products are designed and manufactured in Germany from this standpoint: high-quality products should be dependable, rugged and acoustically exceptional.


Due to the varied control interfaces HARVEY can connect to very different devices and act as a central control unit for audio, lighting and media technology. It converts the data between the interfaces and eliminates the need for additional converters. In addition to the Remote Control RC4 also all established media control systems are suitable for controlling HARVEY and all of the other devices connected to it.

Luminex Network Intelligence manufactures data distribution equipment for professional lighting, audio and video applications, mainly for the entertainment industry. Luminex offer a complete range of network switches, converters/nodes and DMX splitters, providing AV designers and technicians with cutting edge technology to build a complete data distribution system for big events or large venues


Que Audio

The designers at Que Audio have long known that there was a significant short fall in the provision of microphone solutions for audio engineers in the film, broadcast and location sound industries. To this aim, miniaturizing the working components these engineers use on a day-to-day basis and condensing them into smaller fully functioning working products created complete microphone solutions.

To make such a small microphone to be so accurate with such a high quality performance was a complex engineering feat and one that has now been rewarded with testimonials from many qualified and respected users.


RDL is the world’s premier manufacturer of high-quality audio, video and control modules. The concept of Application-Specific Modules was first introduced by RDL more than twenty years ago. A concept promoting unsurpassed value and performance, which has attained widespread popularity in many thousands of facilities around the world. RDL is on the cutting edge in product performance, fully robotic high-volume manufacturing and technical applications advice from a dedicated customer service staff. RDL stands ready with the resources and the commitment to assist with any need, from the simplest solution to the most complex installation.