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Meeting Owl is the most engaging plug-and-play video conferencing product for collaborative teams.

Optimized with a 360° camera and intelligent focus, it automatically identifies and highlights active speakers in the room. With a consumer-style design, the Meeting Owl gives remote meeting participants a heightened level of awareness and visual understanding so they can drive better business outcomes.


Introducing Roll-A-Ramp®, the versatile new portable ramp system for any user who wants an option to permanent ramps, or for ANY use requiring a superior quality ramp. Each portable Ramp holds up to 1000 Lbs (1/2 Ton). Various lengths available and widths at 12″ (sold in pairs), 26″, 30″ and 36″.

Sonnoc is Manufacturer of Laser Projectors and state of the art video processors as well as powerful proprietary software.

In 2015, Sonnoc launched a new generation of Laser Projectors on the cutting edge of high brightness, long-lasting working time and low maintenance.

For more than 20 years Sonnoc has been in the video market space and has its own Research & Development center in Beijing. Sonnoc has an R&D team of 68 experienced full-time staff and currently owns 15 patents, 50 utility model patents, 8 design patents, and 23 software registration rights.

Sonnoc Laser Projectors have a 5 year warranty and if anything happens during the first year you will receive an advanced replacement projector.


Digitally encrypted transmission can not be intercepted by scanners or other wireless receivers.

Up to 16 systems can operate simultaneously from the pre-set channels. For more than 16 channels, Telex can help you with the coordination and channel selection.